Why choose Octotrack?

  1. No access to your code is requested. You can update your dependencies manually by uploading your Gemfile.lock or automatically using a git post-commit hook (Octotrack provides a simple script to install).
  2. Analyse dependencies relationships. Understand the connections between your dependencies and how much you rely on each of them.
  3. Daily notifications of vulnerabilities and dependencies updates. Octotrack works for you while you sleep 😴 so you never have to wake up in the middle of the night because of a security issue.



Complete control of all your projects dependencies, security and statistics about dependency usage.

Project overview

The project overview allows quick identification of CVE's, dependencies update status and immediate actions.

Automatic updates

Configure a git hook on your project with a single command and benefit from automatic updates.

Invite your colleagues

Invite your team to join a specific project and keep them updated of new releases and security vulnerabilities.

Export CVE's

Easily share with anyone a PDF summarising the vulnerabilities affecting your project and get feedback.

Analyse release notes

Know what the latest changes on your dependencies are and choose to upgrade based on that.

Latest Vulnerabilities

Authentication bypass via incorrect XML canonicalization and DOM traversal

February 27, 2018

ruby-saml prior to version 1.7.0 is vulnerable to an authentication bypass via incorrect XML canonicalization and DOM traversal. Specifically, there are inconsistencies in handling of comments within XML nodes, resulting in incorrect parsing of the inner text of XML nodes such that any inner text...

Doorkeeper gem has stored XSS on authorization consent view

February 21, 2018

Stored XSS on the OAuth Client's name will cause users being prompted for consent via the "implicit" grant type to execute the XSS payload. The XSS attack could gain access to the user's active session, resulting in account compromise. Any user is susceptible if they click the authorization lin...